About Us

Our Story:

Picture this—an ordinary search for paw cream turns into Papa Pawsome's extraordinary journey in pet care, all sparked by the love for Aurum. Pratik & Nishita, sensing a gap in the Indian market for safe pet products, founded a brand fueled by passion and dedication.


It all began with a simple aim: create a paw cream that dogs could enjoy without worry. After much trial and error, we crafted a natural prototype that not only worked wonders but also ensured safety, even if your furry friend decides to give it a taste. The buzz among friends and fellow dog lovers marked the beginning of something special for Papa Pawsome.

Official Journey:

With a nod to our four-legged inspiration, Aurum, Papa Pawsome embarked on its official pet care journey. Our mission? Strengthen the bond between pet parents and their adorable companions, offering products that are more than just pet care—they're a testament to love and quality.

Exclusive Care:

Papa Pawsome is all about exclusive care tailored for your dogs. We encourage owners to share precious moments with their pets, because, let's face it, they're not just pets—they're family. Our commitment remains unwavering: provide the absolute best, aiming to be the world's most trusted brand for pet products.

Dive into Papa Pawsome's Journey in Petcare, where passion meets purpose, and the bond between pets and their parents takes center stage.