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Why Combing Is Important For Dogs

Combing your dog is not only good for the grooming of their fur, but it also helps in other forms. Read on to know all about this form of pet grooming, and how you can implement it the best way possible.

What is the Best Time to Comb Your Dog?

Setting aside a designated time to comb your dog is a great way to keep him (and yourself!) on a healthy daily routine. Whatever time of the day you take your dog for a walk, it is best to comb him right after the walk. This relaxes your pet and gives it that overall feeling of satisfaction after the walk, and also helps remove any dirt or ticks it may have picked up during the outing.

What Kind of Comb Do I Use?

You need to select the right comb for your dog just as you would for a human. Does your dog have a short coat with little length to it? Then maybe a brush would do to keep it well-groomed. If your dog has long delicate hair, maybe a wide-tooth comb would be a better choice. You could also go for a metal-brush comb for dogs with long but rough coats. Don’t worry – these combs are usually made with blunt edges so your dog’s skin wouldn’t be hurt during the process. Flea combs are a must-have – using them at regular intervals will keep those pests away from your lovable friend.

Prevention of Matting of Hair

If you own a dog with a long coat, fur matting can be quite a grooming issue, especially in hard-to-reach areas. Moreover, trying to comb through tangled hair is painful for your pet. With such breeds, coming every single day is vital. Papa Pawsome’s Soft and Shine Detangling serum is great to prevent the matting of long-haired dogs.

What Shampoo Do I Use?

The choice of shampoo you use on your dog is of course, directly connected to combing it. Try and use a shampoo plus conditioner. Again, this is more important for dogs with a long coat, like Spaniels, Pomeranians, or German Shepheard Dogs. Make sure you give your dog a bath at least once a week and comb through every day to keep the fur clean and smooth.

A Special Note for Long Haired Dogs – Carding

Carding is a method used to trim the undercoat of your dog’s fur. This helps it remain silky and smooth, and good to touch. It also keeps your pet feeling less of the heat during the summer months. Carding is especially good for dogs that have their ancestral roots in classic dog breeding countries like Germany.

  • Carding is easier on your hands than plucking
  • You don’t really need to learn the skill of plucking to get the job done
  • You can do it over time – there’s no reason you need to spend hours trying to finish the job in one sitting
  • Carding can help restore the shiny finish to a dull coat.


Combing is important to keep your dog clean, its coat healthy and shiny. It also helps remove fleas. Using the right combination of shampoos and conditioners about once a week, and daily combing is the ideal combination. The best time is to comb your pet right after a walk.

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