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Travel Must Haves for Pets

Omkar Patil

Travelling with our pet can be a joyful experience, or it can be a grueling task, especially with a dog that isn’t used to travel. Dogs usually do not like being confined, and some breeds are obviously easier to handle than others. However, there are a few common travel accessories for pets that are must-haves if you’re planning a trip with your dog. Just like you need a few essentials, so does your dog, during travel!

  • The Bare Essentials

Ok, we know you know this – but just in case you forget, here is a list of the bare essentials you'll need to carry for your pooch if you are planning a trip:

  • The food and water bowls
  • A towel
  • Something to sleep on
  • Toys
  • Treats

Sounds like a list you’d make for a child? Well, that’s exactly how we should treat our pets, as we do at Papa Pawsome!

  • Paw Cream

This one’s a definite YES for your list. When traveling, or even during just a walk, your dog’s paws are prone to injury and germs. Carry along a soothing paw cream that will have a calming effect on the pet’s paws, after a long travel or run. We suggest a cream made from natural ingredients such as peppermint and tea tree essential oils (check out our pawsome Soft Paws 100% Natural Paw Cream) to minimize any chances of allergies or chemical side effects.

  • Healing Balms

When you are traveling with your dog, accidents, wounds, and cuts can sometimes be unavoidable, especially in the outdoors. Make sure you carry along a healing balm as a first-aid, first-step measure in case your pet gets wounded. For anything more serious, you would need to get to a vet as soon as possible, but the healing balm can at least give the minimum required attention as a temporary measure. A vet would probably suggest a healing balm as a continued therapy after the visit. 

  • Back Seat Cover

If you’re traveling by car, it would be good to invest in a back seat cover meant to transport animals. You don’t want to be cleaning the upholstery off the seat after your trip…if you do not have such a cover, the least we recommend is to pin an old sheet for your furry friend to roll around in while you drive. If you own an SUV, the boot area of the car is perfect for your dog. You could even keep a food or water bowl in that space. If your dog has the habit of trying to jump over the seat, you will need to add some sort of a barrier so you are not distracted while driving. But usually, dogs are happy with a window open from which they can enjoy the breeze. 

  •  Travel Kennels

We don’t like the word cages! And neither should animals be caged for too long. Unfortunately, it is an airline requirement that pets be placed in portable kennels, as we like to call them, during transit. Not many of you might know this, but the Indian Railways allows dogs to travel on the train – BUT in the guard van, where most trains have a kennel provision. The charges are minimal, but make sure you go well in advance to have the dog weighed in, and due payments and receipts collected, which will have to be shown to the train’s guard to board the dog onto the train. 


Monsoon Measures

The items mentioned above are a must-have whenever you travel with your dog. But during monsoon, there are a few additional you need to consider for your little friend’s comfort and good health:

  1. Raincoats for dogs
  2. Waterproof footwear (protect those soft paws!)
  3. Wet wipes
  4. Towels
  5. Flea spray




Pets need attention, all the more while you travel. Pack the right travel gear, and your dog should be as comfortable as you during your trips. In the monsoon, the above-mentioned tips are all the more essential. Happy road tripping with your pawsome friends!

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