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Socialization – The key to your loyal companion’s overall wellness

Jasdeep Singh

When pet parents are asked the question; what things are essential to provide a healthy life for their companion? Only a few would answer with the term socialization. In the broad scheme of things socialization in your pet’s life is the key to its overall well-being.

Dogs socialize by sniffing each other’s butt, it’s their natural way of saying “hello”, dogs often do that when the meet each other for the first time. Once your pet has made new friends they can exhibit a certain pack like behaviour. This belonging to a pack can make your pet feel that he is in a safe environment, which gives your pet a massive confidence boost as he will feel he can handle anything that comes his way.

Socializing your pet regularly can also correct some innate behavioural problems your pet might have. You can bring along some treats on your walks and reward your pet for interacting with new pet friends. This will make your furry companion associate interacting with other dogs as a good experience because of the treats and will eventually change his perception about meeting new people and furry friends.

Exposing your puppy or your dog to as many new furry friends, people, environments and other stimuli as possible without overwhelming them. This constant exposure to different and new environment helps your pup develop a comfort level to various stimuli and helps immensely in controlling their aggression.

Pets that are not socialized risk their own health, pose an injury threat to others, poorly socialized pets are frequently engaged in stressful situations. Your puppy, just like your child if you have one, can’t grow into a healthy adult without proper help and leadership. Good puppies aren’t born, they have to be made.

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