Monsoon Care Tips for Dogs

Monsoon is a time when some of us (and our pets!) love to step out in the rain for a little bit of fun. It is also a time when germs are more common, and skin infections and other irritants can cause all sorts of infections and inflammations. We don’t want that happening to our furry friends! Read on, for some Papa Pawsome tips on how to take better care of your dog during the monsoon. The Diet Just as we tend to change the foods that we eat during monsoon (who doesn’t love a steaming cup of tea or coffee on a rainy day!), a few changes can be good for your dog as well. Ensure that it drinks enough water, as the climate prevents the urge to reach for the water bowl just as often as in the summer months. Also, old or ailing pets may do well to be given warm foods. Do give your dog sanitized water, and never let him drink from stagnant water, especially during the monsoon. Stagnant water is a common breeding ground for mosquito larvae – and yes dogs are prone to colds and touches of flu and even pneumonia, just like we are. Visits to the Vet This is especially important if you have a young puppy, but goes for dogs of all ages. Puppies love to put everything in their mouths, and monsoon, with its flowering fauna, can also mean an increase in germs all around you and your dog. Regular visits to the vet take on all the more important during the monsoon when germs are breeding all over. If it is time to deworm your pet, perfect – do so during the rainy season to keep him worm-free and tummy pain-free during the season. It is also good to have a vet examine your dog during the monsoon for any possible secondary infections and allergies during this time of the year. Don’t forget the Bathing Times! If you own a naughty little guy who loves playing in the water, as so many of us do – it can be a serious health hazard for the reasons listed above. The answer to that is clear – to increase the frequency of bathing times!
  • Shampoos
Papa Pawsome offers a range of aromatic shampoos with natural ingredients like Rosemary, Almond Oil, JOJOBA Oil, and Argan extract just to name a few – all natural sources of comfort and fragrance sure to leave your dog feeling fresh and rejuvenated after a mischievous time out in the rain. If you use a dryer on your pet after the bath, it'll leave the fur even more soft and soothing to the touch…
  • Massage Oils
Do you see your dog itching and scratching after a muddy outdoor run in the monsoon? Not to worry… Our range of massage oils is meant to soothe the skin and remove any irritants and infections, not to mention ticks and fleas. Just like how we use oil on our own hair – massage the oil into your pet’s skin, leave it on for at least 15 minutes, and wash it off with a soothing shampoo to leave the lil guy feeling like he’s in seventh heaven!
  • Waterless Shampoo
So your dog’s been out in the rain, looking like a mess just when you’re about to leave for the day…we know the not-so-pawsome feeling! Using a waterless shampoo (after you’ve wiped your little friend clean) can be a quick fix while you’re in a hurry. Massage it gently right into the skin, and your dog will be left wondering if this is a reward for running out in the rain! Not so good, we know – so include a stern ‘don’t you do that again, while you're at it!
  • Fur Serum
This is especially good for long-haired breeds like the Cocker Spaniel and Pomeranians among others. Wet fur can directly leave to tangled areas once it dries without your notice. Try the Papa Pawsome Soft and Shine Detangling Fur Serum to get rid of those pesky tangles before you brush your dog again. Made from Aloe Vera extracts (apart from other natural ingredients), this serum leaves a soft and shiny coat while nourishing the skin as well. Conclusion Monsoon can be a great time to cuddle at home with your pet on a rainy day. But like all things, this season comes with its own problems of germs and infections for both you and your pet. Regular visits to the vet, a healthy diet, and using the right grooming products can keep your pet happy and healthy in the monsoon.
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