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A Guide to Buying Your First Puppy

Omkar Patil

So, you want to get yourself a new furry little friend. That is just pawsome! It is an exciting bonding experience (very much so for kids in the house) that will definitely give you years of pleasure and love. However, with all new experiences come new responsibilities. This article will help get you started on how to take care of a new pet, for the first time for pet owners. 

  • Space and Time

Well, these are some of the most important aspects of the universe! Do you have the time and space to take care of your pet? The larger the dog is, the more space it needs to get its natural exercise. If you live in a small apartment, we suggest you should get a small-sized breed like the Pomeranian. If you live in a house with a large yard, a GSD or any other large breed would be ok as well. 

  • Consider Adoption

Many pet lovers whose dogs have had puppies, give them up for adoption. Consider this option over buying one. The benefits can include that you get a free puppy and that you have a point of contact to help you raise the little guy – the original family itself. Most people who give their puppies for adoption would want to ensure that the pup is well looked after, and would do follow-up visits. This can only help clear your doubts about how to handle your new friend’s needs. 

  • Acclimating your New Puppy

When you first bring a puppy home, it wouldn’t be in the happiest state of mind – after all, the poor chap has just been separated from its mother and siblings. Puppies need much more time, attention, and care than older dogs. You need to take your puppy out for walks at least four times a day – once in the morning, after meals, and then once at night – that will provide ample exercise as well as a start to potty training.

Puppies are also high in energy levels, need a lot of sleep, and need to play to remain happy – yes, just like babies. Spend not just money but your time playing with the puppy with toys. It’ll soon make its favorite toys, which the pup will start carrying around, especially to its bed (yes, you need to make your pup comfortable with a dog bed – it is its first point of personal comfort in your house). 

  • The Costs Involved

Of course, there are costs involved when you bring a new puppy home. Apart from the breed itself, where costs can vary anywhere from roughly 5000 to 50000 rupees depending on lineage and paperwork, there are continuing costs like vet visits, hygiene products, grooming products, and such. Do you have the time and money to spend on these things?

Different breeds need different care! The more exotic the dog breed, it usually means the more prone your puppy is to infections. If you want a pup that is tough and resistant to most infections, we suggest you go for an Indie…

  • A Few Essentials to Help Get You Started

Here are a few things you will need to get started with taking care of your new puppy:


  • A fur brush, or a comb
  • Your pup’s own bed
  • Pet wipes
  • Nail cutters
  • Poop scoop bags (many cities in India require this in parks these days)
  • Shampoos, serums, and other grooming products for dogs
  • Toothbrush + pet toothpaste
  • A leash and collar (not too heavy for a pup please)

  • Conclusion:

While it is exciting to get a new puppy home, it is also a huge responsibility – like bringing home a new baby. Take the time to select and prepare for the right puppy, select wisely, and spend enough time – and you will have a healthy and happy time with your new friend for years to come. 




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