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Quick Groom Combo

Quick Groom Combo

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Tick Off Waterless Shampoo 200 ml - Rs 399
Soft Paws Paw Cream 25 gms - Rs 200

Total = Rs 599/-
Offer Price = Rs 549/-


Tick Off Waterless Shampoo has balanced pH for sensitive skins, helping retain the natural oils present in the fur, maintain hygiene and keep your pet spotless in between the fortnightly water baths.


  1. The perfect mess-free and hassle-free solution for your dog’s effective cleansing.

  2. Dual purpose waterless shampoo effectively keeps dogs clean and free from ticks and fleas.

  3. Specially formulated with 100% natural ingredients to exude a soothing aroma and help settle stress and anxiety.

100% Natural-Blend Ingredients: 

Tea Tree Oil, Citronella Oil, Lavender Oil, Cedar wood Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar.

How to Use/ Directions:

Can be applied daily

Spray directly the Tick Off Waterless Shampoo on the coat of your dog without rinsing. Leave the shampoo on the fur for 2-3 mins. Use a wet towel to rub the coat and remove the dirt and oil gently. Then, brush the fur using a comb to get a soft and glowing coat. Suitable for dogs aged six weeks and above.


Soft Paws Paw Cream 25gms

Soft Paws Paw Cream, blended with essential oils and enriched with Vitamin E, helps heal cracked paws and dry skin. Paw Cream protects your pet’s paws across summers and winters, allowing fun walks on any given day. Safe for puppies and adult dogs, the cream is mild and lick-safe.


  1. Skin-friendly cream to heal chapped dog paws, elbow pads and snouts.

  2. Effective and lasting remedy in healing dry paws and keeping the infections at bay.

  3. Softens paws resulting in joyful and pain-free walks.

  4. Lick-safe owing to natural and food-grade ingredients.

100% Naturally-Blended Ingredients:

Soya Wax, Flaxseed Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Vitamin E.

How to Use/ Directions:

Apply a small amount of the cream on the paws using your fingers. Massage gently through the paws, in between the paws and edges. Best applied after walks and at night.

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About Papapawsome

What started as a simple search for paw cream for Aurum, led to Pratik & Nishita building the Papa Pawsome brand, prompted by the lack of availability of an effective and safe paw cream in the Indian market for
his dear pet.

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